elseq 1-5

elseq 1-5 — "elseq" could be short for "edited live sequences", as a few of these tracks have previously appeared on AE_LIVE


elseq 1:
  1. feed1
  2. c16 deep tread
  3. 13x0 step
  4. pendulu hv moda
elseq 2:
  1. elyc6 0nset
  2. chimer 1-5-1
  3. c7b2
elseq 3:
  1. eastre
  2. TMB2
  3. mesh cinereaL
elseq 4:
  1. acdwn2
  2. foldfree casual
  3. latentcall
  4. artov chain
  5. 7th slip
elseq 5:
  1. pendulu casual
  2. spTh
  3. spaces how V
  4. freulaeux
  5. oneum
Track titles:
chimer 1-5-1
"Chimer" is a word:

  1. an apparatus for striking a bell so as to produce a musical sound, as one at the front door of a house by which visitors announce their presence. (In other words, a doorbell.)
  2. Often, chimes. a set of bells or of slabs of metal, stone, wood, etc., producing musical tones when struck.
  1. Probably a corruption of "Easter".
mesh cinereaL

"Cinereal" is a word:

  1. 1. Of or pertaining to cinerea (the grey matter of the brain).
  2. 2. cinereous (an ash-grey colour), ashen.

MeSH stands for "Medical subject headings"

foldfree casual
1. Perhaps an allusion to the band's earlier track "Fold4,Wrap5" because "foldfree" rhymes with "fold three."

  1. Possibly a callback to Latent Quarter?

artov chain
  1. Highly likely to be a reference to Markov chains, which are used extensively in algorithmic music composition, which Autechre are known to use a lot.

  1. The word "um" means "one" in portuguese.
  2. Could come from the word "onerous", which means burdensome, or arduous.
  3. Oneum was an Illyrian settlement of the Delmatae on the site of which a Roman city was later built.

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