Untitlted cover 1. The word "Untilted" contains 8 letters; Untilted is Autechre's 8th LP
2. Warp's catalogue number for Untilted is 180; 180° is a straight angle, in other words it is "un-tilted"
3. A pun on "Untitled"

  1. LCC
  2. Ipacial Section
  3. Pro Radii
  4. Augmatic Disport
  5. Iera
  6. Fermium
  7. The Trees
  8. Sublimit
  9. Zurich 2001 (Japan Bonus Track)

  1. An abbreviation for London County Council, the city planning and council housing authority for the capital until 1965, commissioning Brutalist landmarks including the South Bank and Barbican. Sean Booth is a resident of London.
  2. LCC-Win32 is a free ANSI-C complier system created by Jacob Navia
Ipacial Section
  1. "Socialite Panic" and "Antisocial Epic" are both anagrams for Ipacial Section.
Pro Radii
  1. "Radii" is a brand of footwear.
  2. "Radii" is the plural of "radius".
Augmatic Disport:
  1. "Disport" is an archaic word for "sport" or "pastime". "Augmatic" could be a pseudo-adjective form of "augment".
  1. Possibly a scrambling of "Irae", "wrath" in Latin, as in "Dies Irae", which is a segment of the old Latin Requiem.
  1. The 100th chemical element; an artificial, radioactive rare earth metal. The abbreviation for this is "Fm", so it could be a pun on FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesis.
  1. A combination of the word "subliminal" and "limit".
  2. Possibly related to Sublow, as mentioned in the Pitchfork interview.
  3. Possibly related to sublimation, which is when a substance goes directly from being a solid to a gas, skipping being a liquid.

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