Tri Repetae

  1. Tri Repetae cover imageLatin for "three repeats".
  2. Almost an anagram of "Reet Petite", a song from the '50s by Jackie Wilson that was remixed in the '80s.

  1. Dael
  2. Clipper
  3. Leterel
  4. Rotar
  5. Stud
  6. Eutow
  7. C/Pach
  8. Gnit
  9. Overand
  10. Rsdio

  1. autechre's abreviation for Rochdale, home of their headquarters in the north of Manchester.
  2. pun on "dial"?
  3. old english for "file", according to this website.
  4. "lead" backwards.
  1. possibly pun on "literal," "lateral" or "litterer".
  2. possibly 'Letter L'
  1. possibly a reference to Pachelbel's Canon, a famous piece of a classical music
  2. possibly short for Csound Patch.
  1. "ting" backwards.
  2. A typo of "knit".
  3. A typo of "gnat".
  1. first two words of the radio phrase "over and out."
  2. the rhythm of the phrase "over and over" is echoed in a repeating synth line throughout the song.
  1. Typo of "radio".
  2. Reference to Boss RSD-10, a sampler/delay unit used by Booth/Brown.

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