1. Altibzz
  2. The Plc
  3. IO
  4. plyPhon
  5. Perlence
  6. SonDEremawe
  7. Simmm
  8. paralel Suns
  9. Steels
  10. Tankakern
  11. rale
  12. Fol3
  13. fwzE
  14. 90101-5l-l
  15. bnc Castl
  16. Theswere
  17. WNSN
  18. chenc9
  19. Notwo
  20. Outh9X
  21. nu-Nr6d (Japanese release only)
Special edition bonus disk tracks:
  1. Altichyre
  2. The PlclCpC
  3. IO (mons)
  4. Phylopn
  5. Perlence range3
  6. SonDEre-ix
  7. Tankraken
  8. fol4
  9. 90101-61-01
  10. chenc9-x
  11. nofour

The Plc and The PlclCpC:
1. In the UK, a 'plc' is a Public Limited Company, licensed to sell shares to the public. 'The plc' perhaps implies a vast, single dystopian corporation.
2. PLC (Programmable Logic Computer) is used for automation of various industrial processes.
3. The PLC could be a shortening of "The Place"

IO and IO (mons):
1. IO is one of Jupiter's moons
2. Mons, plural montes, is a term used in astrogeology to name extraterrestrial mountains. For example, Tohil mons is a mountain on Io
3. On various electric devices "I" is used for on and "O" is used for off
4. IO is also In/Out in electronic audio devices.

plyPhon and Phylopn:
1. There is a type of ASCII/binary file format called PLY (Polygon File Format).
2. Phon is a unit of subjective loudness. It has to do with psychological and physiological audio processing.
3. "Ply" is a DOS-based polymorphic virus from 1996.
4. Pun on "Pylon".
5. Phylopn could be a pun on "Phillip" or "Phillip N."
6. Could be pronounced "File-Open"

1. This could be an anagram of "AwesomeNerd."

1. Could be a play on "Simulation"

parelel Suns:
1. This can be an anagram of "Plural Sense."
2. "parelel" could be a pun of "parallel"

1. Can be also pronounced "Steals," which brings to mind Surripere's meaning.
2. Possibly relating to the heavy bass used in the track.

1. If the 3 is substitute with the third letter of the alphabet, we get "Folc," which can be pronounced "False."

bnc Castl:
1. bnc can be pronounced as 'bience,' and by adding 'am' we get "Ambience Castle."
2. bnc can also be prounced as 'bouncy,' thus forming "Bouncy Castle."

1. An anagram of "The sewer": note the sewer-like sounds in the track.

1. WNSN is the name of a radio station in Indiana.

1. Similarly to Fol3, if we substitute the 4 with the fourth letter of the alphabet, we get "Fold."
2. The title brings to mind Fold4, Wrap5

1. A play on the OAuth web security protocol

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