Peel Session 2

Peel Session 2 coverIt turns out these titles were all given by the late John Peel himself, not Autechre, who gave John the tracks unnamed. Regardless...

  1. Gelk
  2. Blifil
  3. Gaekwad
  4. 19 Headaches

  1. Could be related to "geld", which in addition to its english meaning means "money" in german.
  1. Possibly related to "billfold".
  2. There is a character named Blifil in the novel The History of Tom Jones. This book is available online.
  1. Possibly related to "geekwad".
  2. Supposedly, John Peel named this track after the Indian cricket player Datta Gaekwad, whose name caught his imagination.
19 Headaches:
  1. John Peel's description of what the track gave him.

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