Track listing

  1. r ess
  2. ilanders
  3. known(1)
  4. pt2ph8
  5. qplay
  6. see on see
  7. Treale
  8. os veix3
  9. O=0
  10. d-sho qub
  11. st epreo
  12. redfall
  13. krYlon
  14. Yuop
  15. Xektses sql (Japan bonus track)
r ess
1. "R S" . Possibly a reference to Rob and Sean, members of Autechre
2. Pun on "iris"
3. R is a programming language (statistical) and ESS is Emacs Speaks Statistics, an editor for R (and many other things).

1. Could be related to "islanders"
2. Could be a pun on "Anders Ilar", a Swedish electronic musician and producer

1. A pun on "No One"

1. Could be pronounced as "path to faith"
2. Could be pronounced as "point to fate"

1. There's a free console-based audio player called "qplay"
2. There's a company dedicated to High Definiton multimedia engineering called Q Play Inc.

see on see
1. The title brings to mind Kraftwerk's "Metal on Metal", though the track itself bares no resemblance.

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