Move of Ten (EP)

1. A pun on "More of Ten", as the EP is unreleased tracks recorded for Oversteps, their 10th album.
2. A pun on "Move Often"
3. Both "Oversteps" and "Move of Ten" relate to movement.


  1. Etchogon-S
  2. y7
  3. pce freeze 28i
  4. rew(1)
  5. nth Dafuseder.b
  6. iris was a pupil
  7. no border
  8. M62
  9. ylm0
  10. Cep puiqMX
  11. ClnChr (Japan Bonus Track)

1. This may be a reference to the etches of the circles on the album artwork.

1.The Y7 is a British class of steam locomotives used for shunting.

pce freeze 28i
1. The terms "pce" and "freeze" are possibly related to tetrachloroethylene, a chlorocarbon extensively used as an intermediate of the manufacture of various refrigerants.

1. REW (abbreviation of "rewind") is the function of reverse the direction of a roll of magnetic tape, especially used in audio and video cassettes. Autechre used to do a lot of tape editing in their beginnings.
2. If "rew(1)" is spoken out loud, it can sound like either "rewind" or "ruin".

iris was a pupil
1.Apart from the obvious meaning (Iris=name and pupil=student), the iris and the pupil are both parts of an eye. May refer to the effect of psychedelic drugs to expand the pupil to take up most of the iris.

no border
1. There's a network called the No Border Network, which refers to loose associations of autonomous organisations, groups, and individuals in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and beyond.

1.There's a motorway in England called the "M62", which connects the cities of Liverpool and Hull via Manchester and Leeds. It is mentioned in various songs by different artists.

1. Elmo?
2. ayy lmao

1. Could be pronounced "Clencher" or "Clincher" (a conclusive end to an argument).

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