This is Autechre's fifth LP.

  1. Acroyear2
  2. 777
  3. Rae
  4. Melve
  5. Vose In
  6. Fold4,Wrap5
  7. Under BOAC
  8. Corc
  9. Caliper Remote
  10. Arch Carrier
  11. Drane2

  1. An action figure from the "Micronauts" line.
  2. A race of warriors from the Robotech series.
  1. The song is in 7/8 time, and there are three measures of lead-in in the beginning. This title also calls to mind the track 444 on Incunabula.
  1. Many commands in Unix-style operating systems have r- forms to do the command on a remote system, such as rsh (remote shell), rcp (remote copy), and others. This title calls to mind "remote autechre". (see also VI scose poise on confield)
1. Melve is the name of a town in France.

Vose In:
  1. There is a popular brand of hair shampoo in the UK named "Vosene".
Fold4, Wrap5
  1. By substituting 4 with the fourth letter of the alphabet, we get "Foldd," which is similar to Dropp (in addition, both tracks are #6).
  2. Fold and Wrap can refer to mathematical operations in regards to modular arithmetic.
Under BOAC:
  1. BOAC stands for "British Overseas Airways Corporation".
1. Possibly related to Cork, a populous city of Ireland

Caliper Remote:
  1. A caliper is a tool for measuring the diameter of objects.
  2. "Remote" might refer to a TV's remote control: flicking the springs inside a remote's battery compartment produces the kinds of plucking sounds sampled in this track.

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