Gantz Graf (EP)

Gantz Graf cover Tracklisting
  1. Gantz Graf
  2. Dial
  3. Cap.IV

Gantz Graf:
  1. "Ganz" (pronounced Gantz) is German for "all", or "whole".
  2. There is also a famous graffiti artist named Nicholas Ganz; Booth and Brown were graffitists before beginning Autechre.
  3. "Graf" means "Count" (as in the royalty title) in German.
  4. There is a type of chart called a Gantt Chart.
  5. "Graf" means grave in Dutch.
  1. Recalls the track "Dael" on Tri Repetae.
  2. Brings to mind the music on Countdown, popular UK daytime words and numbers quiz show. While the music plays a large dial counts down the 30 seconds the contestants have to come up with their answers.
  1. Cap. is a common abbreviation for "capítulo", Spanish for chapter. That gives us "chapter IV."

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