Draft 7.30

Draft 7.30 coverIt has come to my attention that the "original track titles" might just be a prank someone pulled by adding the "original" titles to CDDB before the CD's release. Be that as it may...
Also, the name could be a reference of the thirtieth edited version of their seventh album.

A Tracklisting
  1. Xylin Room
  3. 6ie.cr
  4. Tapr
  5. Surripere
  6. Theme of Sudden Roundabout
  7. vl al 5
  8. P.:NTIL
  9. V-Proc
  10. Reniform Puls

Xylin Room:
  1. Originally titled "Benk Chin"
  2. Can be pronounced as "Silen(t) Room"
  3. "Xylin" is also the name of a brand of toothpaste.
  4. Domique Leone mentioned the "Xylin" is from the xylophones in the track in her review of Draft 7.30 on Pitchfork.
  5. Maybe be a pun on "Xylem Tube", an early EP from Aphex Twin, or simply "xylem", a tissue in plants.
  6. "Xylin" may be referencing the greek word "Xylon", meaning "piece of wood", therefore making the track name "Wood Room", perhaps refering to the wooden textures heard throughout the track.
  1. Originally titled "nwnw8" It can be seen how N lookslike IV and W looks like VV, and VIII is 8 in roman numerals.
  1. Originally named "606.ie". 606 is an obvious reference to the Roland 606 drum machine.
  1. Originally named "reppat" (backwards is tapper, which sounds like tapr). "reppat" means "replacement pattern"
  2. "TAPR" is an anagram of the word "trap"
  1. French for "theft" (the original title of the track), and also medieval latin for "sieze secretly". The english word "surreptitious" is derived from this.
Theme of Sudden Roundabout:
  1. Sudden is a neighborhood of Autechre's hometown, Rochdale, in England, which has a roundabout in it.
  2. Originally titled "Prince Moth Mothy Moth Moth". (WTF?)
VL AL 5:
  1. Originally titled "Vlimpton Alpha 5" (which was then shortened).
  1. Originally titled "Foam Conduit".
  1. Originally titled "uprock" (hip-hop term for a sort of dancing fight)
  2. Also and acronym for "virtual processor"
reniform puls:
  1. Originally titled "kidney bean". "reniform" means kidney-shaped, "pulse" means (in addition to the usual meaning) bean or legume.

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