Confield cover Tracklisting
  1. VI Scose Poise
  2. Cfern
  3. Pen Expers
  4. Sim Gishel
  5. Parhelic Triangle
  6. Bine
  7. Eidetic Casein
  8. Uviol
  9. Lentic Catachresis
  10. Mcr Quarter (Japan Bonus Track)
  1. One letter short from "Cornfield".

VI Scose Poise:
  1. vi is an editor for unix operating systems. (It also means 6 in roman numerals, but you knew that.)
  2. "Poise" is the cgs unit of dynamic viscosity.
  3. "Viscose" is a viscous golden brown solution made by treating cellulose with caustic alkali solution and carbon disulfide. It is used in making rayon and films of regenerated cellulose.
  4. This track was called "vi code spoils" and then "vi code spoilse" when streamed on in 2001.
  1. There is a project named C-Fern which studies the growth of plants.
  2. Pun on the israeli fighter jet IAI Kfir. "Kfir" means "lion cub" in hebrew.
  3. The German word "Ziffern" (numbers) sounds like "Cfern".
Pen Expers:
  1. From pers. expense (accounting term)
  2. There's a train line from Manchester to Sheffield that's known as the Pennine Express, it could be a fun typo, as they lived in Manchester then Sheffield, and they've been known to cite the A57 route (the high altitude forest road linking the two cities) as an influential area.
Parhelic Triangle:
  1. Pun on "parhelic circle", a luminous circle or halo parallel to the horizon at the altitude of the sun.
  1. A twining, slender stem of a climbing plant
  2. European twining plant whose flowers are used chiefly to flavor malt liquors; cultivated in America
  3. A (dangerous) alcoholic drink made from mixing beer with wine.
Eidetic Casein:
  1. Eidetic means "of or pertaining to exceptionally clear and detailed visualisation", as in "eidetic memory" (that is, photographic memory).
  2. Casein is a protein in dairy products. it's gluey, and used in making plastics and synthetic fibers.
  3. Some people with autism and Asperger's syndrome are sensitive to casein", and Asperger's syndrome is sometimes characterized by eidetic memory. Therefore, this title could be a reference to autism and Asperger's syndrome.
  1. Uviol glass is glass which is highly permeable to ultraviolet light.
  2. "Viol"s are string instruments that was popular in the renaissance period. they look somewhat like varying-sized versions of today's double basses.
  3. A pun on "uvula". note the snoring-sounding elements near the end of the track. Playing the uvula as a "viol", maybe?
Lentic Catachresis:
  1. Lentic means "living in swamp, pond, lake or any other standing water."
  2. Catachresis means "The misapplication of a word or phrase" or "The use of a mixed metaphor." (interestingly, the word "catachresis" was also prominent in the book that came with the special edition version of the band Radiohead's "Amnesiac" album, and there was talk about a radiohead-autechre collaboration.)

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