Cichli Suite (EP)

Cichli Suite cover image
According to the band, pronounced "sickly sweet". Quite a few of these tracks are named after cichlid-family fish. The Greek composer Xenakis, whom Autechre cite as an influence, also has some compositions named after cichlid fish.

  1. Yeesland
  2. Pencha
  3. Characi
  4. Krib
  5. Tilapia
1. reference to Thom Yeesland, a German experimental guitarist
2. a run-on of "Yees Land" a level in the vintage video game "Space Harrier II"

  1. Form of the french verb "pencher", to lean.
  2. Word for "owl" in Bengali. Specifically, "bhutum pencha" is the Bengali name for the Brown Fish Owl.
  1. crucian (a type of carp) in russian, in the plural form.
  2. abbreviation of "characiforme" or "characidae", the scientific order of fish such as piranhas & tetras
  1. Krib is another type of cichlid fish.
  1. A type of fish, belonging to the "cichlid" family (see cichli)

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