Chiastic Slide

Chiastic Slide cover imageChiastic is the adjective form of "chiasmus", an inverted relationship between the syntactic elements of parallel phrases (a poetic device used constantly in the old testament) or "chiasm", an intersection or crossing of two tracts. There is a text-processing algorithm called the "chiastic slide"; it is as of yet unknown whether the album was named after the algorithm or vice versa.

  1. Cipater
  2. Rettic AC
  3. Tewe
  4. Cichli
  5. Hub
  6. Calbruc
  7. Recury
  8. Pule
  9. Nuane

  1. Part of a car engine.
  2. Opposite of an anticipator.
Rettic AC:
  1. an abbreviation for Reticular Activating System, the portion of the mammalian brain from which sensations of arousal & motivation originate
  1. Name of a german electronics company (pronounced teh-vuh)
  1. From italian "cicli", meaning "cycles".
  2. From "cichlid", a family of fish
  3. Pronounced "sickly". See also Cichli Suite.
  1. A piece of computer networking equipment
1. Possibly a reference to a brand of cosmetics called Calbrook.

  1. Pun on mercury
  2. Pun on recurring
  1. Pun on pulse
  2. Verb meaning "to whine"
  3. In Danish and Norwegian, a verb meaning "to ****".
  1. "Nuance" minus a letter.
  2. On the cover of Envane, the word "ENVANE" looks somewhat like "ENUANE", which gives N-uane, or nuane.

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