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The seminal IDM group Autechre tends to give its tracks very obscure names. The Autechre FAQ said:

According to an interview, their track titles don't really mean anything (at least not to the public). A track title might be based on the name of a sample they've used, words that have been messed about with or any other thing they've got in their head. It's also rumoured that they use a computer based generator to create some of the names.

But, as Autechre's music itself is not free from outside references, neither are the titles to their tracks; many people have noticed references to hip-hop terminology, electronics industry jargon, and other sources. On this Wiki we will attempt to dissect the private meanings of Autechre's track titles.

As for the name of the group itself: Autechre
  1. Abbreviation of "aural technology research".
  2. Mixture of the words "audio" and "architechture".
  3. Related to the word "auteur", a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works.
  4. Au; the table of elements symbol for gold, tech; technology, re; 'with reference to'. THUS; with reference to the golden quality of tools. So says Deasy.

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